Wednesday, February 13, 2008


On a beautiful day, I took Tom C and Neil C to visit Avalon Farm. The late winter weather had paled the roadside grasses to dun and the leafless trees stood with dignity and beauty, touching bare fingers to a cloudless sky.

Melissa was working on the access road when we got there, sawing away at a culvert which she hoped to place before dark today. It was so good to see her bright and shining face and her impish grin! She graciously broke away from her work long enough to walk Tom and Neil around, showing them our chickens and rooster, the beautiful chicken house and run she has built, and all the features which they could reach. They could not cross Locust Creek today to see the other part of Avalon which lies on its far side, as recent generous rains have raised it above our walk-across stones.

While they walked about I sang to Avalon, having brought my hymnal. She always asks for my singing, bless her!

Both men felt the magic of our farm! We talked on the way home about our hopes of bio-dynamic farming there, expressing in our lives the principles of the Law of One. This is a precious dream, and we move towards its manifestation with no hurry and no worries, just our intention, firmly set, and our will and faith.

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